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How does it work?

Wi-Fi is an access to Internet based on a local radio net, that is without the use of cables. Through with antennas of a very low electromagnetic impact, it offers a coverage that is very similar to that of a cellular type, to which more customers can connect at the same time without interfering with one another. The technology used by RomaWireless is based on the standard 802.11b/g.

RomaWireless Wi-Fi service

In the public places of Rome covered by RomaWireless hot spots, recognizable by appropriate signs of identification and presented in the Maps section of this site, anyone can comfortably access the net, as if in the office or at home. Therefore the customer will be able to download and send e-mails, to access the Intranet of his/her company or simply surf the Internet with at Broad Band speed, surrounded by the magnificent scenario of the beautiful and evocative places of the Capital.

The system is based on the OpenWISP platform.

How do you access?

In order to access the net, you only need to reach one of the RomaWireless Wi-Fi Zones with a Portable PC, a Tablet PC, a PDA or whichever other device provided with a certified Wi-Fi card or an integrated a Wi-Fi system.

RomaWireless offers two hours of free navigation per day.

Once caught up in an area covered by RomaWireless, just open your Internet Browser. Automatically the authentication page appears.

If you are already registered, you just have to login in order to start your session.

For new users, it is necessary to register - free of charge - by filling a form in all its fields, being able to give in a valid cellular phone number.

Once registration is completed, the system will request to make a call with the registered cellular phone, within 5 minutes, to a given number. The call is free of charge. A server will verify the validity of the number and will log the customer on.

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